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Learn How to Master Your Mindset with These Simple Mindfulness Journaling Tips

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Learn How to Master Your Mindset With These Simple Mindfulness Journaling Tips

Master your mindset. That’s it. Those three little words could be the key to helping you unlock the true power that lives within you.

It isn’t an easy feat, but the steps are pretty simple; yet time-consuming and require repetition. But isn’t that what we were taught about anything that’s worth having? 

Well, learning how to master your mindset isn’t any different.

What Happens When You Master Your Mindset?

When you commit to developing this control and awareness, you elevate yourself from within. 

Positive thoughts start to replace negative thoughts. And limiting beliefs are replaced with a strong faith that you can achieve any goal you set. 

Days where you feel jaded and unmotivated become opportunities for you to rest, recharge, and come back stronger. 

Then, you become grateful for the good in your life. So, instead of focusing on lack, you see the areas in which you are truly abundant. 

The options truly are limitless when you learn to master your mindset.

What Strategy am I Using?

In today’s blog post, I’m going to give you a peek into my own personal mindfulness journal. 


I’m sharing journal entries that I wrote to help move myself into a more positive mindset during times of frustration, unease, stress, and defeat.

I chose to take this approach most people who start a mindfulness journey drive themselves nuts thinking that they can never have a negative thought or emotion. I remember feeling like a complete failure when I’d get upset about anything at all when I first started doing this work. 

So, let me just say this once and for all: You will still have bad days and icky emotions will come up. You don’t suddenly stop being human because you’ve shifted into a “glass half full” state of consciousness.

Even as someone who is very knowledgeable on this subject, I’m not perfect. I still deal with depression. I’m just more intentional in the way that I handle it. 

For instance, I don’t lash out and scream at innocent people anymore. Nor do I drink until I can no longer feel.

Instead, I use my mindfulness journal to open myself up to positive thinking and alternate ways of looking at my problems.

This approach benefits me and helps me grow instead of causing harm and keeping me stuck.

 And for full transparency, I will also admit that thinking positively and gratefully is a struggle sometimes and there are days where I’ve given up. But seeing each new day as a new start, I usually ask my spirit guides for help to get me back on track when I wake up the next day. 

The goal is to never live in a loop of negativity. And I am proud to say that I don’t do that anymore.

So while a perfect life where you will never cry another tear or experience a moment of agitation isn’t going to magically manifest when you master your mindset; you will acquire a level of  self-love that motivates you to work hard to keep your mind (and life) as clear and happy as possible because you know that your thoughts create your reality. 

Plus, you end up knowing yourself as a strong spiritual being who is an extremely powerful creator.

Need Examples? Take a Peek into My Mindfulness Journal!

I have a two-part journaling strategy. This isn’t an official thing, it’s just how my mind naturally operates. 

Things might be different for you and that’s totally fine. Use your journey to find what works for you personally. You may also have to try a few different things before you truly step into your flow. 

I’m here to provide guidance if you need inspiration, a place to start, or to just know that you’re not alone. I got you. And you’ve got this! 

I usually begin by venting out all of my frustrations. Then, my mind is clear enough for me to introduce myself to another level of understanding. 

A lot of the time when I’m doing this, I feel like I am channeling or receiving a download from my spiritual guidance that expresses itself through the pen in my hand. And at many points, it feels like a meditation.

The excerpts below are from the second half of this journaling process.

This intro is long enough, right? Let’s jump in!

This entry seemed like a good place to start for this article because it is about generally shifting into a more positive mindset. And yes, I really do write to myself in the third person sometimes. I didn’t adjust that piece for this article. I call entries like these “Self-Love Letters.”

I’ve realized that the real key to change is shifting into a growth mindset that helps you to recognize negative emotions as a wake-up call to adjust something in your current situation. And if you find yourself feeling negative about the same things on a regular basis, it’s time to recognize it as something that’s taking your power away. This situation is no longer working for you, so it might be time to remove it from your life. Yes, it might be an uncomfortable and scary change that will probably cause a fair amount of pain, but growing pains are only temporary. But letting yourself stay stuck repeating the same negativity and B.S. is the dumbest, most exhausting way to live out the limited amount of time you have on this earth. Don’t play yourself by being too afraid to grow. Upgrade your situation so you can realize your true power, live happily and inspire others. Own the mindset shift.

We’re all guilty of looking at the annoyances in our lives from a single angle. The angle that turns those annoyances into huge anger-filled problems.

When this comes up for you, change the lens you’re viewing the situation from. Challenge yourself to try finding a way to be grateful for what the problem represents for you.

There might be a lesson or gift in it that your anger is blinding you from seeing.

In the next journal entry, I explore an extremely relatable situation: Feeling stuck at a job you hate when you have bigger dreams.

You will see that  I was able to look through my agitation and powerlessness to see it as a sign that I’m on the right track with my purpose.

When I first think about my current results, I hate them. My job sucks. It doesn’t resonate. I feel trapped and impatient and desperate to get OUT! But there is so much more to my life than that. 

There are so many good things! Still, it's difficult. The anger and shit become me in the craziest way. On one hand, I know my power. I see my dreams coming true. I see the progress I'm making and I feel it in my heart and gut. My spirit too. I don't know. This work situation just bums me out to a point that I have a hard time seeing my true strength and amazingness. I don't know why I let it hit me so deeply, but I feel heartbroken and insane about the whole thing. I fear that these feelings hold me back too. I mean, I'm grateful. Fully grateful for the job. I'm grateful that it pays my bills and makes it impossible for me to save, invest, spend money on my business, and go on trips. I've built a pretty good life for myself so far. I still remember when I couldn't do any of those things after paying my bills. So yea, this is incredible! I've never lived this way before. Plus I have more freedom than I've ever had in this position. My boss likes and respects me too. All in all, I'm grateful for the job itself. I see the good in it! But I've always hated the way it makes me feel and the way it makes me think about my life.  I think that's the place where I need to shift my perspective and the direction I aim my gratitude in. What if I choose to be grateful for my dissatisfaction and unhappiness here? I'm starting to think that those "bad things" are actually gifts because they're evidence that I truly am meant to do more and that I'm on the right track when I push forward to pursue more. I know exactly what I want to do with my life and what I want my career to look like and that's the reason I'm not satisfied with "the best I've ever had." I know I can do better. I can have a greater impact, be more effective, be more creative,  make more money, and have more freedom. Hating my job is my higher self--my perfect spiritual all-knowing-self assuring me that I am correct in pursuing more. The Divine does not want to see me unhappy. We weren't put here to suffer. Life is about having fun, growing, and being abundant. So when we open ourselves to that love and purpose as I have, we will receive freedom and other countless gifts. My growth periods have been painful and uncomfortable in the past and this isn't any different. It's just bigger. It's a full lifestyle shift. The bigger the change, the more that goes into making it happen, right? That's the math. I think that's it. I feel lighter. I am grateful to go through anxiety-inducing uncomfortable situations because I know they help me to grow. Anxiety and discomfort are the symptoms that alert me to be more mindful because I know that there is inner work to do and healing on the horizon. When I am healing this way, I’m learning about myself and making adjustments to help heal trauma. It’s difficult a lot of the time. I usually suffer from insomnia and racing thoughts during these periods. It’s necessary to set me up for a life where I can experience more clarity and happiness. And in that, I am put into further alignment with my purpose. But I’m able to help others with theirs as well. So, I don’t mind sharing my struggles for that reason. It isn’t embarrassing for me. It’s strong and empowering. That fearlessness and vulnerable combination is something I really love about myself. And it’s the rawest and most natural part of me. So yes, I guess in a sense anxiety works as a superpower when I look at it that way. I never have it for  “no reason.” There’s always something bigger waiting for me.

I taught myself to use fear as a motivator a long time ago, but I still freak out a lot when it comes time to try something new, especially in my business. I’m grateful that I never allow fear to stop me, but I need an extra push to make things happen sometimes. That’s what I was experiencing the day I wrote the following excerpt:

 If something scares you, do it anyway. Train your mind to accept challenges instead of running from them. You only get one shot at this life, use it to outgrow your comfort zones, speak your truth, love fully, follow your heart, and believe in your own damn dreams. You don't want to have regrets later on, you know too many people who are old and miserable. That shit is poison.

I started studying the law of attraction about three years ago. But I only wrote this entry recently after diving into Bob Proctor’s work. Seriously, his book “You Were Born Rich” is a total game-changer if you want to master your mindset in a way that will attract abundance.

There’s something in the way he explains these principles that I heard and read about a thousand times before that reignites and inspires me. I wrote the entry below to engrave the feeling into my psyche. 

If you believe something is impossible, it will always be impossible. And if you think something will be super difficult to obtain, you really will have to bust your ass to obtain it. But if you break it down and decide that it's easy, it will become yours with ease. Perception can be a gift or a curse. It's up to you to decide whether it will serve you or keep you stuck.

I like to use positive affirmations to train myself to think the types of thoughts that fill my mind and body with peace and positive energy. And I’ve found that the affirmations that affect me the deepest are the ones that naturally come to me when I’m in a vulnerable and expressive way, but not actually looking for them. The excerpt below came from one of those times.

 I have the power to control my emotions and feelings, my mind, and my thoughts. I don’t feel like working today. I’m tired and as a result, I’m a little agitated and stressed. So, I’ve been getting up from my desk more, moving, reciting my affirmations, and just doing my best to not feel the stuckness and pressure that usually torment me on days like this. It’s all okay. I’m okay. It’s fine and normal to not feel 100% all the time. I don’t always have to be in a giggly happy place. But it’s not okay to sink into the dark place. It’s not okay to bring my vibe way down and to fall into my old victim mentality. I’m still flying high and receiving good things. I’m still fully aware of my power to create a better reality for myself. I am strong mentally and emotionally. I’ve got this. Tired or not, I’ve got this. I have decided to be happy because I have a lot to be grateful for. I have money. I have a safe home, I have clean water, I have love, good friends, a strong body, and many talents. This isn’t a bad day. I’m not having a hard time. I’m good. I have decided to be happy because I have a lot to be grateful for. That’s the affirmation for the day. That feels good. 

You can use any journal or notebook as a mindfulness journal. Hell, you can even write on a napkin! 

What really matters is that you commit to this practice because the benefits will come with time and consistency. 

However, [SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT], if you want a journal with a unique design and inspirational message that will keep you on track, my store, Journaling is Self-Care is the perfect place to grab one! No pressure.

I hope that seeing one of the ways I personally use my own journal helps to motivate you along your journal journey. I share new journaling tips and techniques on this blog every Wednesday, so make sure you come back next week!


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