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Stop Negative Self-Talk in its Tracks with These Badass Inspirational Quotes from a Women's Empowerment Coach

Stop Negative Self-Talk in its Tracks with These Badass Inspirational Quotes from a Women's Empowerment Coach

Self-empowerment is all about creating a loving, nurturing, non-judgemental relationship with yourself that feels safe and sacred, even when life is freakishly messy or outright terrifying. It’s about choosing to unlearn the bad habits and limiting beliefs that have birthed your insecurities and self-doubt. To empower yourself is to ask for help and support when you need it and to love yourself enough to go into warrior mode and relentlessly pursue your passions and authentically express yourself without shame.

As an Empowerment Coach, I am often a cheerleader for clients who feel that their accomplishments aren’t worthy of celebration. I am a voice of reason when they’re drowning in self-critiscm, and I am a spiritual cartographer when they feel lost, out of balance, and in need of a clear route back home to their true selves.
But before I could ever provide these services for my clients, I had to find them within myself for myself. I still do.

I use quite a few tools to pour love into myself, including hiking, long baths, yoga, and meditation, but journaling will always be considered a life-saver in my eyes. It is the main place where I dismantle my limiting beliefs, armor myself to crush my goals, and give myself words of patience, kindness, and wisdom when I’m feeling low. It’s where I go to choose self-empowerment.

This blog post contains eight quotes from my own journal entries/self-love letters/pep-talks that have helped me feel powerful af!

I’m sharing them with the hope that at least one of them hits home for you. Also, I hope that it shows you another powerful and liberating way to use your journal sessions when you need an extra boost!

The graphics are shareable, by the way, so share the love and pin them to your Inspirational Quotes board on Pinterest. I know you have one!

1. Being True to Yourself Means Remaining Undefinable 

I don’t have to fit into a box or tailor myself to perfectly wear some label. I get to change based on my moods, my needs, and also my growth. 

It’s so important to give ourselves the room and space to grow and then act from that place of growth without freaking out about whether or not people will embrace our new views, attitudes, and passions. 

The truth is, the more we allow ourselves the self-respect of authentic self-expression, the more we will allow connections with the right people, those who support, respect, and strive to understand us into our lives. 



2. Success is What YOU Decide It Is

I thought of success as a “mean girl.” She was an intimidating bully who went out of her way to make me feel as small as possible. She was someone like the mother I grew up with–there was no pleasing her. She was just mean and prickly. I killed that image of success and replaced it with a beautiful mom who supports, nurtures, and values me.She wants to see me happy and she helps me bring my dreams into fruition. In this new vision, success is totally obtainable, I don’t have to sacrifice myself for it, and I’m 100% worthy, even with my flaws.

3. Ego Death 

It takes a lot to admit that you were mistaken.

It takes a lot to consciously choose to unlearn everything you ever knew.
It takes a lot to willingly die young and believe the promise that you’ll be renewed,

returning a more beautiful, more willing, and more powerful you.

It takes the strength of a thousand souls to have an ego death.

Don’t give up on your journey yet, I promise there are good times on the other side of that.


4. No One Can Empower You But You

As the boss of my life, I've chosen to let go of past pain, guilt, fears, and outdated insecurities. I am freeing myself. I am designing my own existence in the way that benefits and satisfies ME the most.


5. Friendly Reminder: Your Dreams Are Coming True

The universe doesn't always give you what you want in a way that matches the vision you had when you asked for it. It gives you what you want in a way that delivers what you need as well. 

When you embrace life as a spiritual growth journey, you’ll come to appreciate that truth. 

And instead of feeling like your dreams aren't coming to fruition or your prayers are being ignored because they’ve been delayed, you’ll see that you're just being given the tools to accomplish what you want in a way that’s also healing your soul.

So, have faith, trust your journey, and always believe that things are working out for your highest good because they are.

I love this one so much that I made a Reel out of it and posted it to IG. Whaddya mean you're not following me? Do that here! 



6. Release Control and Allow Yourself to be Supported

I’ve always been the strong one in my friend group. I’ve always been the rock. The one to empower, protect, and give advice. Even when I felt low, I’d give what I had and then cry in the dark feeling lonely and unable to share my own issues. I had no one to help empower me but myself. And that isn’t to say that I regret my strength or who I’ve been to others. I’m truly grateful for the impact I’ve had. But this is a reminder that as “the rock,” you still have a human heart and if you continue to try to save the world without loving on yourself, you will burn out. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

You can always change the things you don’t like about yourself or your life. The truth is that happiness is your birthright and no matter how many people have made you feel unimportant or without value, it is up to you to find the fire in yourself that is willing to burn down that lie and rebuild yourself from its ashes.


7. Reject Your Programming

You know, I always find it interesting when people say things like "I act this way because I’m from this family, this city, or I belong to this race." Because to me, that just sounds like they're settling for the way they were programmed and basing their identities on those outer components because it’s easier than choosing their identity based on having deep, uncomfortable, and real conversations with themselves.

Generational trauma doesn't have to be a permanent prison. What happens when we start to question our emotions, habits, and the cycles that repeat in our lives instead of just settling for “I’ve always been this way.” is that we realize we are far bigger than the tiny little box that we'd been living in and THAT'S where the real beauty of what life is meant to be starts to unfold. 

8. An Affirmation to Protect Your Inner World

My inner peace and safety are mine to keep.


 Bring self-love letters into your regular journaling practice for a boost of soulful confidence and self-awareness. And on days where you simply can't find the words, I got you. Come back to these quotes as often as you need to.

Be well,





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