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"Set Yourself Free" Paint Splatter Journal

"Set Yourself Free" Paint Splatter Journal

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Setting yourself free means living a life where the things you say and do are based on your own needs, wants, and values-not other people's judgments and opinions. Using this journal to write out your worries, doubts, and fears will help you feel more confident as you move through each day.

And if you ever feel stuck on what to write, there's a scannable QR code in this journal that will lead you to journal prompts and journaling tips for manifestation, healing through shadow work, and establishing a gratitude practice along with articles about spiritual growth and self-love by Women's Empowerment Coach and Mindset Expert, Frida Rose.

You are perfect exactly as you are.

Journal Features:

🔹️Vibrantly colored, durable laminated covers that showcase your personality and express your intention

🔹️An inspirational quote on the inner front cover to uplift you

🔹️A scannable QR code on the inner front cover leading you to a collection of lifestyle articles, journaling prompts, and mindset tips to help you heal trauma, manifest your desires, build self-love, confidence, and more.

🔹️150 lined pages (75 sheets), giving you the freedom to plot on your goals, release your worries, and write what's on your mind

🔹️Metal spiral binding for durability and removing pages with ease

🔹️A compact size of 5x7 inches, making it easy to toss into your bag when you're on the move


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Customer Reviews

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I have recently reconnected with my love of journaling since getting this journal. I've been really loving the inspirational quotes in them and the prompts in the back. So helpful for getting started!
The creators story is so empowering! I've been on a journey of self love and self healing and I really connected with it. This journal has been a wonderful tool to help me along the way. I've been able to keep track of my thoughts and remind myself to keep going when it's hard. I didn't realize how many things I had forgotten or things I pushed out of my mind until I started getting it all out. I felt a tremendous relief after, like I had dropped this heavy weight that I had been carrying around for years.
It's helped me destress and calm my anxiety when I need it. It's a wonderful feeling!
I absolutely love the way it's made. It's super sturdy and amazing quality. I can toss it in my bag when I'm in a hurry and not have to worry about them getting hurt. (Unlike some that come apart at the bind and make a mess) I take it with me everywhere now. Sometimes I write just to get my anxiety out, or to try to write out what it is that's bothering me. Sometimes I don't know until I've gotten it down. It's such an amazing way to reflect. I'm so grateful to have been able to reconnect with this love I forgot I had. I feel like I'm becoming me again, and that's incredible!