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This is the Best Heart Chakra Healing Exercise for You to Try Right Now!

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Heart chakra healing can be your path to freedom. It puts you in a higher state of consciousness where you aren’t getting caught up in the repetitive and often troubled chatter that fills your mind. 

Instead, you are accepting what is meant to be and that things are working out in your favor, even if you don’t have tangible proof.

You are just so centered and peaceful within your inner world that lower vibrational energies cannot stick to you. In this state, you observe negative feelings as they pass you like someone jogging in the park while you’re enjoying a casual stroll.

If you want to figure out how to experience this bliss for yourself, keep reading. I'm sharing a healing journaling technique at that end that you won't want to miss!

Advice for Keeping an Open Heart

It takes work to get to this place where your heart chakra is always open and energy flows through with ease. 

Being able to feel negative emotions without panicking or pushing them back down is an exercise that will become easier with time. And it is mandatory if you want to free yourself of emotional baggage, inner chaos, and fear. 

In his book, “The Untethered Soul,” Michael A. Singer explains how to accomplish this openheartedness with beautifully straightforward simplicity. He says, “You stay open by never closing.” 

He makes some other interesting points in the same chapter. Like when we are in states of sadness and depression, it’s a result of closing our hearts off for too long. New energy can’t get through to reinvigorate us or allow us to feel anything else.

Someone who regularly experiences happiness and enthusiasm has a boatload of energy flowing through their hearts because they've kept themselves open to receive it and let it pass through.

Neither is a permanent state of being for the average person. Most of us experience these shifts in energy several times a day because we essentially open and close on command depending on our programming. 

It’s another situation where we give our trauma and triggers control. 

I love supporting others with cultivating more peace and openness in their lives. If you want to go deeper, our Beginner Meditation Bundle includes information about meditation techniques, a week's worth of self-discovery journal prompts, and a printable adult coloring book in addition to the guided meditation MP4 download. This is a convenient and accessible way to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, to support your heart chakra opening.

Open Heart Chakra vs. Closed Heart Chakra, What's the Difference? 

Negative emotions like jealousy, fear, and anxiety show up a little differently for everyone. But some common symptoms are feeling tightness, pressure, or a pit in the heart, a knot in the stomach, increased heart rate, and racing thoughts.

The next time you feel that way, just breathe and allow the discomfort to pass. Don’t suppress it. Don’t judge it, don’t label it, and definitely don’t follow it. 

If you follow it, you will end up in a low vibrational place where the negative thoughts and feelings will multiply because your attention feeds them. 

Then, where would you go from there? 

You can end up having a heated argument, and spend the rest of the day ruminating. Or, maybe you follow it for so long and so deeply that when you look up three years from now, you feel like you’ve just lived the worst years of your life because you’ve been in a depressive funk, unable to set yourself free from the constant spin cycle of negative thoughts, that lead to negative feelings, and manifest into negative actions.

You don’t want to give your inner wounds power and end up losing your place of inner peace. You want to allow them to move through you so that you can get rid of them for good.

Choosing not to close your heart chakra gives you a chance to live life in the moment and to enjoy fulfillment and wholeness with every moment that passes.

When those bouts of negativity hit you, understand them as opportunities to release the energy and free yourself. It’s basically old baggage that you don’t need anyway. A fear left over from a traumatic experience that is no longer serving you. In fact, it’s hindering you, so let yourself grow out of it.

The Journaling Technique That Will Help You Heal

When I learned about these principles in “The Untethered Soul,” my mind was blown and I wanted to apply them to my life immediately! 

So, I went where I usually go when I’m excited about a new spiritual growth technique, my journal

I wrote to process the information that I had just learned. Then, I wrote about my own heart’s behavior patterns. 

That’s actually the first part of the journaling technique I’m encouraging you to work with today. 

Try to pinpoint your own closing patterns. At which points do you slam the door to your heart and allow your fears and anxieties to take over? Elaborate by adding how it makes you feel and for how long.

When I pinpointed a couple of my really big ones, I followed my strategy for shadowwork journaling. And I kid you not, I felt the trapped energies of pain, fear, abandonment, and heartache leave my heart space! 

It was very uncomfortable, but I relaxed, breathed, and let it go just as the book said and I felt significantly lighter and new. 

I triggered the feelings by journaling about them and when they came up, I didn’t become them. I acknowledged that they weren’t who I was and that I didn’t want to carry them around anymore. 

I chose not to keep reliving those same stories, one of which had been haunting me for more than half of my life.

So, the second part of the journaling technique is to follow the formula for shadow work journaling that I mentioned a little earlier. 

A quick rundown of the steps is below, but there’s more information and a thorough explanation of this journaling technique here

  1. Reflect on the issue and see where the trauma started.
  2. Detach and choose not to continue to carry the burden.
  3. Forgive the situation, yourself, and all others involved.
  4. Create an affirmation to lock in new positive beliefs.

Doing this gave me familiarity so that when it came to practicing keeping an open heart during times of stress in real-time, I knew what to do and I knew how good I would feel afterward once the stuck energies passed through.

Closing Thoughts

Keeping an open heart during life's stressful times might be difficult at some points. Trust me, I know.

Our old habits have a way of tricking us into thinking they're keeping us safe. Really, they just prevent us from growing.

Continue practicing the exercises in the article and you will see changes to your mood, outlook, and life as a whole.

Let go of what you don't need and focus on healing your heart chakra. When you pair that with my journaling technique, you can't lose!



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