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You already have the positive genius-level thinking you need to manifest anything you want from love, better health, or money; now just use this manifesting journal to bring it all to fruition! Start by visualizing what you want and write out exactly how life will look and feel when you have it. Then, let yourself and the world know that you deserve to have everything you desire!

And if you need help along the way, Boss Babe, don't worry. There's a QR code in this manifesting journal that will lead you to my blog, which has journal prompts for the law of attraction along with tips about gratitude journaling, self-development, and more.

The world is yours.

Journal Features:

🔹️Vibrantly colored, durable laminated covers that showcase your personality and express your intention

🔹️An inspirational quote on the inner front cover to uplift you

🔹️A scannable QR code on the inner front cover leading you to a collection of lifestyle articles, journaling prompts, and mindset tips to help you heal trauma, manifest your desires, build self-love, confidence, and more.

🔹️150 lined pages (75 sheets), giving you the freedom to plot on your goals, release your worries, and write what's on your mind

🔹️Metal spiral binding for durability and removing pages with ease

🔹️A compact size of 5x7 inches, making it easy to toss into your bag when you're on the move


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Benefits of keeping a manifesting journal

- Provides a list of manifesting goals: There are manifesting goals you might have that never make it to your mind because they were forgotten. A manifesting journal will help keep track of these things, and then manifest them into reality!

- Provides an entry point for affirmation and visualization exercises: This is why manifesting journals are great law of attraction tools. They provide a place for you to write down your affirmations and visualize yourself living the life that you want!

- Creates clarity on how to achieve dreams and desires: The manifesting journal will provide a clear path on how to manifest all of your dreams and desires.

- Helps you see the bigger picture: When you write down your goals, it helps expand that vision into something even greater than what was originally thought!

- Positive approach towards life: The manifesting journal will keep you happy, motivated, and positive. Helps clear out negative thoughts from the mind which leads to better results.

Tips to use a law of attraction manifestation journal

- Write out manifesting goals and desires you want to manifest in your life. Keep them short, sweet, and within reach! (ex: I am a millionaire by the age of 30)

- Be realistic with manifesting goals/desires that you write down. You can always push further later on when things get even better!

- Add manifesting affirmations to your best manifesting journal so you can read them every single day. Keep yourself motivated! (ex: I am healthy, happy, and wealthy)

- Write down manifestation journal prompts, quotes, or inspiration that are relevant to manifesting into reality the things you want in life. Great for creating a positive mindset around manifesting!

- Keep gratitude for manifesting goals/desires you have already manifested into a reality. This will keep the momentum going, and provide extra motivation to manifest even more!

Do you want to set your goals and be in total control of your life? Now is the time to take action! With a manifestation journal, you can practice the principle of desire and build the better life you truly desire. 

A manifesting journal is made ready with empty pages to write down your dreams and make them come true. When you think about something beneficial to you, it is best to jot it down in a manifestation journal. This visionary cognition can turn into adoration, improved health, or even finances.

How Can You Immediately Begin A Manifestation Journal?

Step 1: When Ready To Initiate A Manifestation Journal, Begin By Brainstorming. Write down whatever comes to your mind in your manifestation journal. This can help you let go of the fear of having an empty page. If you can't think of anything, clarify your thoughts and feelings.

Emotional reactions and personal aspects about which you have not yet informed someone are things you might want to include in your journal. A study finds that writing down those intense feelings (emotional distress) could help you get rid of people that are not improving your career goals. With junk out of the way, you will be able to make room for your goals in life.

Step 2: Create SMART Expectations. Even though science doesn't believe in "Law of Attraction" strategies for manifestation, the study supports the notion that planning can let you get even more done. Use a manifestation journal to figure out what you want to do and why. One way around this is to use the Smart Technology Strategy. Review our 'SMART' framework below and use it as a reference when you begin writing your aspirations. Use it as a guide when writing about them.

  • S = Specific
  • M = Meaningful
  • A = Achievable
  • R = Realistic
  • T = Trackable

Step 3: Find A Purpose. Even before your goals are established, you may have to wait a few days to imagine what they imply. 

  • What do you need to do before this?
  • Because this goal is important to you, what would this primary objective do for you?
  • In the end, what will you believe? 
  • Will all you've achieved last with you?
  • Can this primary objective help you achieve other important goals?

Remember to think about how and why your aims are essential to you. Hold on to the objectives that are important to you and also write them down in your manifestation journal.

Step 4: Believe In Yourself. Anxious thinking or a lack of faith in oneself can sometimes stop us from getting what we want. Because you believe in yourself and your abilities, you’ll give yourself a better chance of succeeding.

A positive mindset convinces you that you can learn new skills through continuous effort. You can work on this in your manifestation journal (Dweck, 2015). When we have a growth mindset, we put extra energy into enhancing our abilities because we think they are worth it.

Make a note in your manifestation journal about the times you learned new things or improved your skills. This will help you build a positive attitude. For example, you can write about what happened, how you solved problems and the most important thing you learned. It's a good idea to remind yourself of what you've done in the past to boost your confidence that you can do it in the long run.

Step 5: A Plan Of Where You Want To Go In The Future. Other things to think about in your manifestation journal are:

  • What simple goals and objectives do you have?
  • What long ambitions do you have?

These simple aims might enable you to reach your protracted targets.

I want to learn good behavioral patterns for the next five years.

It's hard to set goals for the person you are now, not the individual you were.

What do you want to accomplish in the end?

Presently, think about what you should be doing to make you get there.

An Illustration Of A Manifestation Journal

Here are some explanations of the manifestation journal that have been most effective at changing your attitude and innovating good things to happen. Your manifesting journal should show you this, so don't be afraid.

You can change the world, restore your physical and mental health, and survive with an incredible sense of calm. When writing in your manifestation journal, always go with either of these patterns listed below:

1. The Recognized Enumerate

Recognition is essential to think about when trying to make things happen. No matter what you're having trouble with, if you add some recognition, you’ll begin to get more good things when you're in a good mood.

When you write down things you are grateful for, make a "recognition review” list. Get this one every day and see how your world changes.

2. 55x5 Is A Strategy To Adopt

When you take notes 55 times per day for five days, it's called the 55x5 strategy. That's what helps make this strategy so good. It makes the concept genuine instead of a dream for the long term.

In this case, you will outline a goal in the present tense until it feels right. When manifesting your new job promotion, you can write, "I want to give my best in all the assigned tasks."

You can start to write your phrases interestingly. The more self-perception you get, the faster they become meaningful to you. You can also become self-significant with your manifesting journal using this strategy.

Manifestation journal urges for the 55X5 strategy:

I'm so happy now since…..

I've now let other people into my life which has….

I am so glad currently that…..

I would appreciate seeing…..

3. Friendship Management

During a quarrel with someone, this practice will help you learn more pleasant things from them.

As said initially, appreciation is a great way to move toward achieving great things. Achieving your goals is a remarkable experience made possible by the company you keep. Do you want to see a changed person? There is no uncertainty in this act. You have to start appreciating them now.

At least ten things about them should be written down each day. For a while, write those things in your journal. At first, it might be challenging, but with time you'll improve, and so will your relationship.

Here are examples of how to write a relationship manifestation journal:

“In the evening, he played with the kids. I like that he pays attention to me. I like how she keeps everyone at heart.

4. Thoughts For The Early Hours 

Setting daily goals is beneficial since it forces you to contemplate how you choose to feel throughout the day. Instead of falling into old, syncopated rhythms, you’ll direct your brightest star.

It's your most valuable journal page because it helps you get your thoughts in order, gives you a bigger picture of how your day will go, and makes you feel calm inside.

Early manifestations should be written down using these styles below:

  • Three emotions I'd like to experience today...
  • Ten things I'm grateful for...
  • Actions I'm motivated to take...
  • Words from the Oracle/Tarot cards

5. Thoughts for the Late Afternoon

Right before we go to bed at night is one of the best times to make things happen.

Neville Goddard says that we implant our thoughts and emotions with the cognitions we're experiencing if we're alert. When we sleep, our inner self gives rise to such realms of instances that we can't even begin to think about.

The purpose of your late afternoon thoughts is to make you feel happy and grateful and let go of your anxieties when you go to bed.

An exemplar of a late afternoon reflection journal:

  • Things I liked about today were…

Pick a reality, picture, and experience it in your mind.

Release the thought that's making you unhappy. If something is bothering you, ponder the opinion that's making you unhappy, then imagine who you'd be more like in the reflection and note it down. A written example could look like this:  later on today, I would like to feel like…..

6. A Fantasy World Journal

Many people believe that during our "awake" hours, we interact with our greater self and supernatural forces and figure out what is bothering us.

You might ask for assistance, suggestions, or motivation to appear in your dream state and fall asleep before bed. You will become more in touch with yourself and your higher purpose as you begin to capture and reflect on your fantasies. 

Suggestions for writing about your fantasies:

  • In the plan, who was there?
  • Where did the vision happen?
  • How did I feel when I dreamed?

Understand or experience the imagination intuitively…

7. Scrolling Through Your Career

The best time to do this is when you feel like things have gone off track or are new to manifesting and have to figure out whatever you want.

You have to write down what you want your career to be, as you're now living on it. When you write a manifestation journal regarding your career, you do it in two parts.

The first-ever thing you'll do is to write down what you like in a bullet list. 

Here's a case in point of how to write better in your journal:

  • How eagerly do I want that to happen?
  • How can I maintain a happy self?
  • How do I earn more money from work?
  • What have I not done well?
  • How do I show self-love and love for other people?

Why You Need A Manifesting Journal

Keep a manifesting journal for the following reasons:

  • It gives you a collection of manifesting priorities. There are some manifesting objectives that you might not give thought to. A manifesting journal will easily keep track of these thoughts, and then you can make them happen.
  • It gives you a starting point for affirmations and imaging tasks. They can help you use the law of attraction. They give you a way to write down your positive statements and picture yourself living your desired life.
  • If you keep a manifesting journal, it will help you figure out how to accomplish all of your hopes and wishes.
  • When you write down your goals, it helps you see the bigger picture. Once you begin writing down your thoughts, it helps you see the holistic view.
  • It will make you happy, encouraged, and optimistic. A manifesting journal can help you be more confident about your career. Removing evil thoughts from your mind mainly increases performance. List down the ambitions you want to achieve in your life. Keep them brief, soft, and easy to get to. My goal is to be a wealthy man by the age of fifty.
  • Be pragmatic when you begin writing your dreams and desires. When situations become even preferable, you can still push much more.
  • When you want to view your manifesting positive statements each day, add them to your most vital manifesting journal and write them down. Example: I'm fit and active, cheerful, and prosperous.
  • Make a list of manifestation journal suggestions, quotes, or inspiration that you think will help you get what you want in life. Brilliant for putting yourself in a happy mood about envisioning.
  • Thank yourself for the goals and dreams you have already made a reality. If you do this, you'll keep that going, and you'll be motivated to make even more happen.

 Manifestation Journal Involves Note-Taking

You need to think about a few things when you start writing in a manifestation journal. They might show up quickly, maybe twice or thrice a week. You may not see your main objective materialize for a year or more. Another possibility is that it probably wouldn't happen at all. This isn't a bad thing; It's worth reviewing when you start writing in your manifestation journal.

To fully achieve your goals, you must be in sync with them. It doesn't make a difference if you write about the law of attraction. It won't be effective if your focus isn't where it should be. When you want something, it's not enough to think about how to enjoy it. You have to be so sure it's yours that you can't have any doubts about the outcome. Of course, it must also be a perfect fit for your usage. There are always a few instances to ponder about. There are instances when people we want don't come our way because they will not suit us. 

To move forward to the desired result, start working in your manifestation journal. Whenever you do this, you allow yourself to start heading in that direction. The purpose may not come to fruition immediately.

Simply believing in the unidentified and blind faith are two things you need to do to make things happen.

When you write about the law of attraction, you can make it look like you've destroyed everything, lost people, or even whole parts of yourself. This can make you depressed, frustrated, or feel like things aren't going well. Because you aren't doomed, the people and things that will help you the most are making room in your life.

In your imagination, things are never going to look like they should. That doesn't mean you should prepare for the end times.

Tips and Tricks on Journals For Women Who Want To Manifest

Manifestation journal for women is an essential tool that gives women advice and support, encouraging women to think outside the box. Then, have a lot of fun with these and all the other journaling strategies here.
Experimenting without fear is one of the great ways to find out what works for you. It also helps build confidence and esteem in yourself.

For black women who want to manifest their dreams, this manifestation journal for women embraces black women's unique experiences and journeys. It also includes positive affirmations that speak directly to the experience of black women. It uses ideas and techniques from the Law of Attraction to ask thought-provoking questions, and there's a lot of space to write down your answers. There are experience guidelines and magnificent, cheery illustrations that show strong black women in them. This is a powerful resource.

Your confidence as a black woman is safe with the journal for women. It will assist you in being as honest and transparent as you can. 

To use the manifestation journal for women, a black woman should put on her weakness hat first.
Get precise so that you can picture it in your head as you compose your list.
If you're frustrated about making ideas, you can settle down and meditate.

When you place an order with Divine, it will give you an even better idea of just what you asked for when it comes. You can trust this. Manifestation journal for women makes dreams reality.

Like how you live in a mansion, it's convincing that you want to be safe and have a decent-looking environment and light. Here is where you start. Then you can get fancy and start looking at the fabulous luminaires and lovely door and window curtains you have seen on the internet. Dreams like this can be brought to reality by following the guidelines in this article.

Factors That May Enhance Your Law Of Attraction 

You have to be in sync with your goals if you want to reach them. Day after day, you can write about the law of attraction. It does matter if you do this. If your focus isn't on the right place, it won't work. This may make or break your law of attraction in the manifestation journal for women writing. Many things which can make or break it include:

  • Bad Times: Times when things we want don't come our way since they will not be suitable for us. Bad times allow us to get ready for something better.
  • Confidence: In the beginning, when you begin to work with your manifestation journal for women, you are letting your energy and thoughts open up so you can start moving toward the best possible result. The goal may not come to fruition right away because we must work first.
  • Faith: A woman needs to have blind faith and trust the unknown if she wants to manifest well.
  • Focus: When you don't start manifesting, you might feel like you're losing things, people, or parts of yourself. This can make you feel angry or like things aren't going well. Because you aren't doomed,  focusing alone will help you the most in making room in your career.

In the law of attraction, things you want will come to you. Journaling isn't homework and shouldn't make you feel bad. The more you do it, the easier and more natural it will become. Manifestation journal for women has been an excellent driving force tool to build confidence among women worldwide.

Using the manifestation journal, you'll also start to see how your actions and thoughts begin to change to get the results you want to get. It's essential to read through your manifesting journal every day to make sure you understand everything you have written!



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