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Our collection of boho-styled printable inspirational wall decor with daily affirmations for women is perfect for motivating you to nurture yourself and embrace self-care as a vital part of your journey. It encourages you to maintain a positive mindset, maintain low stress levels, practice self-compassion, and prioritize your own needs. And because our inspirational wall decor is printable, you have access to limitless customization from an affordable and eco-friendly work of art!
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What is Self-Care?

For me, self-care is anything that opens me up to expand beyond my self-limiting beliefs. Self-care is the way I separate my true self from my ego during meditation. It's in the way I vulnerably express myself through art. And it's in the way I find healing and understanding through journaling.

My personal self-care is two-fold. It's often scary because it takes me through periods of discomfort as I grow and evolve. But the actual act of self-care, whether I'm painting, practicing yoga, or whatever else is pure pleasure. 

Through Journaling is Self-Care LLC, I share what’s working well in my self-care journey because it might work for you too. But my biggest goal here is to help you feel empowered and trust yourself enough to break the rules, define self-care for yourself, and practice it on your own terms.

- Frida Rose, Journaling is Self-Care LLC Founder & CEO