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"Manifest That Shit" Manifesting Journal for Scripting

"Manifest That Shit" Manifesting Journal for Scripting

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Your thoughts have the power to shift your reality. So, let's keep your mind clear and positive.

What do you REALLY want, my love? 

Write it down in this manifesting journal so that you can upgrade your mindset to attract all of the joy, love, pleasure, and abundance you deserve into your life.

 Journaling is a great way to keep track of your journey and remembering all the steps you took to reach your goals. It's also an inspirational tool that will remind you how you've evolved over time. 

Girl, you're about to achieve ALL of the success! And to make sure you do, there's a QR code in the journal that will lead you to empowering articles with law of attraction journaling tips, articles about cultivating self-love, ways to nourish yourself through your growth journey, and more. 

You have everything you need to be successful. What are you waiting for?

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Journal Features:

🔹️Vibrantly colored, durable laminated covers that showcase your personality and express your intention

🔹️An inspirational quote on the inner front cover to fuel you along your journey

🔹️A scannable QR code on the inner front cover leading you to a collection of lifestyle articles, journaling prompts, and mindset tips to help you heal trauma, manifest your desires, build self-love, confidence, and more.

🔹️150 lined pages (75 sheets), giving you the freedom to plot on your goals, release your worries, and write what's on your mind

🔹️Metal spiral binding for durability and removing pages with ease

🔹️A compact size of 5x7 inches, making it easy to toss into your bag when you're on the move


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The Journals came in very fast, equipped with cute designs, and provided helpful articles inside both journals.

Manifesting you he right way

I absolutely love this journal it has so many personal touches the quality is amazing it’s terrible I love the quotes is affirmations are the front cover the QR codes are a nice touch as well but the design and the thought are where it really shines