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Blossom's Wine Bar 6th Anniversary Edition

Blossom's Wine Bar 6th Anniversary Edition

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"[Reading 'Blossom's Wine Bar'], I felt like Frida Rose was writing my pain down for the world to see and I was moved to tears. Her poetry tells the story of a young woman who has experienced a lot in her lifetime, and is not afraid to display her emotions."

- J. Velasquez

Frida Rose's writing eccentrically embodies the personalities of the rebellious bad influence you've secretly always admired and the empowering best friend who encourages you to live boldly and unapologetically in her debut collection of poems and short stories, "Blossom's Wine Bar." This raw, emotionally charged, and sometimes terrifying collection leaves no stone unturned as Rose explores trauma, sexuality, self-love, and heartache with brutal honesty and emotional tenderness in a way that only she can.

Dear Reader, prepare to fully sink into this collection because Frida Rose's descriptive style will make you feel like a character in her world, watching each scene play out before your eyes.

Enjoy the ride!

"When someone is that excited about writing, you know they are a great writer. That's Frida."

- F. Reaper

"Poetry like no other– a WOW so strong that it will tattoo my life forever. Frida extends the universe to its outer limits just by being her poetic self!

-A. Carson


"Frida Rose is the poet I love to follow with all my heart and soul!"

-H. Mamgain



Book Details
Language English
ISBN 9781304865571
Category Fiction
Copyright All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Contributors By (author): Frida Rose
Specifications Pages 186
Binding Paperback
Interior Color Black & White
Dimensions Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

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