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"Manifesting My Blessings" Daily Affirmation Journal

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Girl, don't let naysayers or your own mindset limit what you attract into your life. You are powerful and will always be able to manifest blessings! Use this lined manifestation affirmation journal for all of your daily law of attraction exercises from scripting to gratitude lists and watch your new reality unfold.

And if you ever need manifestation journal tips, there's a scannable QR code in this journal that will lead you to a collection of articles with journal prompts and journaling tips for manifestation along with content about spiritual growth, gratitude journaling, and more written by Empowerment and Mindset Coach, Frida R.

Girl, you have ALL THE POWER, never let anyone take that away from you!

Journal Details

🔹️Vibrantly colored, durable laminated covers that showcase your personality and express your intention

🔹️An inspirational quote on the inner front cover to uplift you

🔹️A scannable QR code on the inner front cover leading you to a collection of lifestyle articles, journaling prompts, and mindset tips to help you heal trauma, manifest your desires, build self-love, confidence, and more.

🔹️150 lined pages (75 sheets), giving you the freedom to plot on your goals, release your worries, and write what's on your mind

🔹️Metal spiral binding for durability and removing pages with ease

🔹️A small compact size of 5x7 inches, making it easy to toss into your bag when you're on the move


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Tips to write an affirmation Journal:

  • Try to use the words ‘I am’ or ‘I have’ in your affirmation. For example, instead of writing 'Healthy eating is good for me', write something positive like ‘I am healthy and energetic because I eat well-balanced meals!’
  • The use of present tense is positive and helps you to believe that what you are saying is true.
  • Be specific, but not too detailed about the outcome of your affirmation- it should be positive and easy enough for your brain to understand.
  • Avoid using negatives such as ‘I do not’ or ‘I will stop’ because this language does not affirm positive change.
  • Try to use your affirmation journal just for yourself and avoid writing about others or negative situations.
  • The beauty of affirmations is the ability for you to customize them in a way that makes sense to your individual needs. Your affirmation should make you feel positive, empowered, and ready to take on whatever challenges you face each day!

An example of a Daily Affirmation journal entry could be: 'I am confident in my abilities because I put the effort into studying!' Or 'I always work hard on my projects at school, so they must turn out well!' or 'I am positive when I go into an interview because I know that my skills are up to par!'

Customer Reviews

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Loved this journal

I really love the beauty designs on the cover as well as the prompts that’s listed to help you dig deeper on your journey of self care! Overall felt the journaling experience was good and the quality of the plastic is really durable which I like!

So lovely

I love how portable and well made the journals are! The quotes and prompts are also very nice.