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Growth Mindset Journal for Success and Self Improvement

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Growth Mindset Journals help individuals to keep track of all little successes & failures- writing them down helps us learn how we reacted, which can lead to further self-improvement. This growth mindset journal with prompts also helps in improving emotional intelligence while also gaining greater confidence through knowing ourselves better on paper.

This growth mindset journal is the perfect way to get your thoughts out and start developing a healthier way of thinking. With its prompts on the inner cover page, you can enjoy guided self-reflection while creating lasting changes in how well things go for you!

Key Features:

- 75 lined single pages
- Thick, durable glossy laminated cover
- Journal is 5 by 7 inches
- Spiral-bound journal
- Printed black girl and flowers drawing on the front cover page
- Prompts on the inner cover page


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What is a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is an idea that every challenge, failure, and setback can be seen as an opportunity for learning. People with this perspective have a habit of not quitting when faced with difficulty in life but instead pushing forward to try new things or do better next time around; they’re more likely than those without it to take risks even though these should bring anxiety because being aware enough means never feeling too apprehensive about what might go wrong again!

Advantages of keeping a Growth Mindset Journal

Admit and embrace imperfections: You are not perfect, no one is. Let’s face it—the truth hurts! But the sooner you accept this, the better off you will be in your journey to growth. Acknowledge failures and take them as lessons learned rather than giving up entirely on something that isn't working out right away or looking at yourself through a lens of negativity.

Increase self-awareness: Growth Mindset Journals are excellent tools for increasing your awareness of things that hold you back from self-improvement or that lead to negative feelings. Through the journal, pinpoint what those things are and begin taking small steps towards eliminating them as roadblocks on your path to growth.

Plan, track, and monitor progress: Writing down goals is the first step in achieving them; without a plan of action though it’s easy to fall off track or lose focus on the goal. With your mindset journal, you can set specific goals with a plan of attack and monitor them as time goes by to see if they are working out how you imagined they would—if not, adjust accordingly!

There is no failure only learning: A growth mindset allows you to turn every failure into an opportunity for learning. Perhaps this is what makes them so resilient and persistent in the face of challenges, knowing that at least they’re trying even if it doesn't work out exactly as planned!

Focus on actions, not traits: In a growth mindset journal, traits are not as important as actions. For example: When we achieve top grades in our subject, it is important to note down what actions led us there. We should always write about the steps that made all of this possible instead of just saying I am intelligent enough or whatever came into mind when thinking up an answer for "how did you do this?”. 

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