Collection: The Divine Feminine Spellbook: Spiritual Decor Collection

Our founder Frida Rose designed this spiritual decor collection to reflect where she'd been in her life journey as a constantly evolving healer, artist, and divine being in the weeks leading up to crafting these soulful celestial and vintage-inspired designs.

With her belief that self-talk is a form of spellcasting and that if we want to see joy and greatness in our lives, it begins with our inner conversations, she uses this collection to share snippets of her own inner conversations and uses the visuals to display the magic that her inner wisdom has revealed to her.

As a result, she named this group of designs “The Divine Feminine Spellbook,”  stating that, "It’s all about lovingly messy self-exploration, feeling empowered, and fully owning your specialness without watering yourself down or apologizing."

Honor your sacred divine feminine and mix and match the pieces that resonate with you to decorate your sanctuary with self-empowering magic!

What is Self-Care?

For me, self-care is anything that opens me up to expand beyond my self-limiting beliefs. Self-care is the way I separate my true self from my ego during meditation. It's in the way I vulnerably express myself through art. And it's in the way I find healing and understanding through journaling.

My personal self-care is two-fold. It's often scary because it takes me through periods of discomfort as I grow and evolve. But the actual act of self-care, whether I'm painting, practicing yoga, or whatever else is pure pleasure. 

Through Journaling is Self-Care LLC, I share what’s working well in my self-care journey because it might work for you too. But my biggest goal here is to help you feel empowered and trust yourself enough to break the rules, define self-care for yourself, and practice it on your own terms.

- Frida Rose, Journaling is Self-Care LLC Founder & CEO