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The Manifesting Methods I Wish I Knew When I Started Using a Manifesting Journal

The Manifesting Methods I Wish I Knew When I Started Using a Manifesting Journal

There are so many manifesting methods out there that guarantee you the happiness you crave. But the most powerful way to manifest starts with one major mindset shift.

Find out all about it and learn some new manifesting journal ideas in this article! 

Reality Check: The Truth About Your Vibration

Arguing with reality is a state of resistance that takes you further away from your goals because you’re operating at a lower vibration. The vibrations of agitation, worry, defeat, and impatience do not line up with abundance, peacefulness, freedom, creativity, and joy. 

Remember, through the law of attraction, we attract things that match our energetic vibration. So, do you think you can attract joy from a place of fear, abundance from a place of lack, or freedom from a mind that focuses on the negative?

To attract what you want, you have to practice accepting what is.

To break this down for you a little more, I'm going to give you an example

Let's say you're working a full-time job and you have a side hustle too. Your side hustle lights you up and when you are doing that work, you feel like you’re in complete alignment with your soul’s purpose.

But when you're working your regular full-time job, your mind is constantly repeating, “I hate this job!” and “I don’t want to do this work anymore!” or my personal favorite, (Yes, this entire scenario is from my real life.) “I hate that this is my biggest source of income! When is my business going to start bringing real money in?”

None of those thoughts align with being a successful business owner who makes her own rules, controls her own schedule, and earns more than enough money while doing the work she loves. 

Those thought patterns, while they’re totally normal for someone in this position, (always practice self-compassion) align with remaining stuck, bored, and stressed out. So, what do you think they will attract?

More stuckness, boredom, and stress of course. It's safe to say that complaining is NOT one of the manifesting methods you want to use.

There’s a common phrase that comes up with the law of attraction, you may have heard it: “Act as if.” 

People interpret that phrase in different ways. Some take it as creating a new persona of the person who has what you want. But that “fake it, till you make it attitude”, can feel unnatural and become super confusing. 

Others interpret it as bombarding yourself with a ton of positive thoughts and affirmations to drown out the negative energies you’ve been holding onto. Affirmations are great, I fully stand by them, but they can take a long time to reprogram your thought processes when you've been stuck in the same loop for years. Their effectiveness depends on your starting point. 

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If you ask me, both manifesting methods are right and wrong at the same time. I believe in and have used both methods, but there’s a little something missing from each one.

My favorite law of attraction method is to simply release your fight with the part of reality that you want to change. 

Did I lose you with that one? Let's hop back to my example.

I used to get pissed off when my manager at work would ask me to complete a task, although it was within my job description. And I would feel extremely irritated when we had our review meetings to go over my stats for the month, despite him praising my work and saying he appreciated me. 

I sound like a whiny brat, right? Full disclosure: It's like that sometimes.

It was all because I hated the fact that he acted like my boss, although he was my boss. But since I secretly wanted to be my own boss and had been working on my escape plan, building my businesses and writing books so that I could live a more heart-based life and enjoy the freedom of working from wherever the hell I wanted doing the work I loved to do, I hated everything and everyone that reminded me of the truth: I was still an employee with a boss.

And with my vision, he was getting in the way of my dreams! I felt like he was attacking me and trying to keep me stuck in 9 to 5 land without any advancement.

I know how this sounds. I sound like a crazy person, right? Perhaps a tad delusional?

Most people argue with reality this way. The difference is self-awareness.

I know (and knew) that he was doing his job by telling me to do mine. And to be clear, he’s actually a very nice, reasonable, opposite of a micromanager kind of dude. That is reality.

My anger and feeling of being trapped and victimized was my mind's way of resisting reality.

The Secret to Getting Out of Your Own Way

If we really want to manifest our desires, we need to raise our vibrations by matching them with positive emotions like joy, peace, and gratitude.

In order to do that, we’ve gotta let go of resistance, AKA our fight against reality.

But if we take manifestation methods out of the conversation for a second, don’t you want to feel joyful, peaceful, and grateful regardless?

If you had a choice between being pissed off all the time or going through your days feeling peaceful and grateful, which would you choose?

As you saw in the past behavior I so bravely shared, resistance is kind of delusional when you look at it because it really is a fight against the world that’s right in front of you. And when you're in a state of resistance, you’re essentially saying that the world has to change in order for you, one out of a gazillion people to be happy.

It kinda sounds like we might need to get over ourselves because when we resist, we cause our own suffering. 

Pain is a natural part of life. But darling, suffering is a product of our minds and limited ways of thinking.

You look terrible in green. I’m sure you look lovely in green, but we’re playing pretend.

You look terrible in green. Red has always been your color.

Do you avoid walking near trees and grass because green clashes with your skin tone and makes your hair look blah?

Moving on…

The Epiphany and Manifesting Method that Helped Me Break Free

I created my businesses to help people. Women specifically.

Journaling is Self-Care LLC is an inspirational journal brand that I use to teach journaling techniques for healing trauma, manifestation, and spiritual growth through this blog. Also, designing the journals that I sell in my store truly is a fun and liberating experience.

I'm a kid in a playground as I experiment with funky graphics, contrasting textures, and color. Yet, I feel like a badass warrior woman while writing quotes and messages to include in the designs. It's the best of both worlds.


I do the work I do because I lived under a dark cloud of depression for the first 28 years of my life. And I spent the past four years learning the lessons I’m teaching now.

Don't get me wrong, I’m still learning. I’m literally typing this lesson from a journal entry that I wrote yesterday. It was a huge epiphany for me. 

I help women every day in my 9 to 5 too. It doesn’t provide the healing and soul growth that my businesses provide by any means. I often talk to women who are stressed at the beginning of our conversations and by the time we hang up, they’re thanking me like crazy and telling me I’d just saved the day. I’ve been called a genius a few times too, but I don’t brag…often.

Some are pains in the ass, but they’re the ones who aren’t accepting reality. Literally. I tell them provable facts and they argue against them. There’s no helping a person who is close-minded like that!

Don’t be that way. Okay?

My Turning Point

I learned to appreciate that I was still helping people every day–even if it wasn’t the specific way I wanted to help. I allowed myself to feel full knowing that I was still making an impact, teaching, and putting joy out into the world. 

I also found appreciation that my boss who sang my praises on several occasions and expressed genuine gratitude for my time and efforts. 

Lastly, I reminded myself to be grateful that I was receiving compensation for the time I put in, This is compensation that helped me fund my businesses and afford the necessities like food and lipstick that doesn’t fade when I eat said food.

You see what Oprah said, right?

If anybody knows about manifestation methods that really work, it's her!

Appreciate what's right in front of you because gratitude will attract even more things for you to be grateful for. 

Manifesting Journal Ideas

Enjoy operating from a higher vibration. One that brings peace and happiness into your heart and then, you will see things unfold.

Yes, there are a shit ton of manifestation exercises you can do and they don’t require much effort. Seriously, a lined manifestation journal is all you really need.

Write Daily Gratitude Lists: This is exactly how it sounds! Commit to writing 5 things you're grateful for every day. It can be something as simple as sleeping with your favorite blanket to something deep like committing to your healing journey. And if this manifesting journal idea gets boring, read Quick and Easy Journal Prompts for Tapping into An Attitude of Gratitude to switch things up.

Do the 5x55 Method: Okay, this one is not exactly how it sounds. But you will write an affirmation from the point of view of someone who already has 55 times in a row for 5 days in a row. Infusing it with gratitude will help you connect more. For example, you can write "I am happy and grateful that I have attracted the love of my life." if you're manifesting a relationship. This helps to reprogram the subconscious mind into believing your new truth. With time, your thoughts will shift, causing your actions to shift into ones that cause you to interact with and attract your desire.

Reusable Journal Prompts: Self-inquiry work is a great way to learn more about yourself and connect with your intuition. When you're just allowing yourself to write freely without thinking too hard, your subconscious thoughts are released and you will have a clearer vision of what is and isn't working for you. Here are a few reusable journal prompts to use in your manifestation journal.

  • I am ready to commit to...
  • I am succeeding because...
  • I'm doing this today for my happiness...
  • The impact I want to have in this world is...

And if you still want more manifesting journal ideas, click here!

Remember that those efforts will be exhausting and fruitless if you are still at war within yourself. Shift that mindset, my love!

Oh, and to end things, write this affirmation in your manifestation journal so that you can refer back to it when you feel stuck or if you’re anything like me, impatient AF:

Divine timing is at play, that’s all. This entire journey will make sense someday. But in the meantime, I will strive to have a pleasant present because the moment that’s in front of me is all I’ve got right now.

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