Steal My Secrets to Self-Empowerment and Unshakable Faith

Steal My Secrets to Self-Empowerment and Unshakable Faith

Steal My Secrets to Self-Empowerment and Unshakable Faith

Very recently, like within the last 24 hours, I made a decision that kept me from spiraling down a loop of anxiety, fear, and worry that I’d had a hard time controlling and freeing myself from.

The decision was so simple that you’re probably gonna roll your eyes and say “Easier said than done, Frida!” Go ahead and do that. You’re totally within your rights to do so, but do yourself a favor and hear me out afterward, okay?

I chose to combat my anxiety, my fear of failure, and my fear of “the unknown” by increasing my faith.

Easier said than done, Frida!

Ok. This is where you hear me out: Although I made the choice to increase my faith and I truly believed that it would set me free, it didn’t feel all that realistic. It actually felt scarier than the fears that had been running rampant in my mind and causing me to feel stuck and powerless.

The powerlessness is actually where my inspiration came from. Powerless to Empowered is my jam. I should have it tattooed, painted throughout my house, and carved into all of my mirrors. I’ve based my life and my life’s work on moving from Powerless to Empowered. I know how to do that!

Step Number One, AKA the mindset shift I needed to get the ball rolling was reclaiming my power.

I used this affirmation: “I choose to release the powerlessness I feel and embrace an empowered state of being instead.” 

Next, I asked questions. Uncomfortable questions that stretched me. Here’s the thing, questioning our negative beliefs and emotions is a scary task. Most people don’t do it and that’s the reason most people stay stuck repeating the same mistakes and harmful patterns on autopilot wondering why their luck never seems to change.

We’ve gotta try new things to get new results and we don’t know what new things to try if we aren’t, one, taking accountability for our results, and two asking ourselves the healing questions that enable us to think outside the box.

I talk about this more in the post titled: "I Went From Feeling Stuck and Lost to Feeling Confident, Powerful, and Fulfilled. Here’s How" If you want to go deeper into this practice and how it has helped me.

In this particular situation, I allowed my fear to ask the questions. Instead of numbing my uncomfortable emotions, I gave them full permission to come out and express themselves. This allowed me to look my fears in the eye and see that they couldn’t kill me. They weren’t scary at all, they’re just an innocent child, my inner child seeking comfort and I get to play the role of the loving supportive mother who makes her feel safe and seen.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing? We have the power to reparent ourselves and provide comfort, safety, and soothing when we’re feeling afraid.

That’s Step Number Two. Let your inner child express her worries.

These are some of the questions mine had.

  • How can I increase my faith if my fears and worries are totally valid?
  • How can I increase my faith when bad things have already happened in similar situations? Remember the time when…
  • I have proof that things can go wrong. How can I have more faith if I truly don’t know what’s going to happen?

With a clear understanding of what was bothering me the most, I was able to move on to...

 Step Number Three, I got very real with myself and set some rules and boundaries.

Here’s what came up:

  • Yes, it can make sense for history to repeat, so we have to break the cycles that caused the “bad history” to repeat in the past.
  • If we look at the law of attraction, prayer, or working hard toward a goal we know that we’ve gotta be “all in.” There’s no flip-flopping or playing around. So, the first reminder I gave myself was: Don’t mix faith with fear and worry.
  • More reparenting: Pour love into the part of yourself that feels incapable, stuck, worried, and scared.
  • No distractions. Don’t mindfuck yourself into thinking that distractions will make the discomfort go away. The distractions will just lower your vibration and put you in alignment with more of what you don’t want.

Step Four, I spent time lovingly talking myself (inner child) down.

You might have proof of things that have gone wrong, but you also have proof of plenty of things that have gone right. Use it!

Look at all the ways you’re already blessed and provided for. For instance, it’s 90 degrees outside and I have AC in my house, food in my fridge, a comfy bed, and I am loved.

These “little” everyday things are HUGE blessings that we often overlook and take for granted because they’re “normal.” But the truth is, they aren’t guaranteed. I remember points in my life where I didn’t have any of those things. It’s where many of my anxieties and fears stem from. They come up to try to protect me from going back to those days.

So, reconnect with your faith by truly counting your blessings and feeling gratitude in your heart. This practice will comfort and soothe your inner child the way snuggles and a warm bottle soothe an infant.


Step Number 5 is to go back to your inner discussion about faith.

This applies to faith in your religion, spirituality, luck, the law of attraction, and yourself. Allow yourself to soften and believe in things going your way because of all the beautiful blessings you already have as proof.

[Fun Fact: 9 times out of 10, I write these posts by hand in my journal before publishing them here. A lot of the time, I don’t even know I’m writing a blog post until I just know. I say that so you’re not thrown off by my next sentence.]

When I’m in this receptive and grateful mindset, I even consider the lines on the pages I’m writing on as blessings because I would create a traffic jam of unreadable words if I didn’t have them guiding me. The internet connection you’re using to read these words (They’re totally resonating if you’ve gotten this far, right?) is a blessing, even if you’re using free public wifi because you can’t afford to have it in your home. The energy of luck, blessings, gifts, and abundance has still merged into your being and made it possible for you to read this message.

The point is, that there are always reasons to have faith when whatever is bothering you doesn’t seem to have a positive outcome available for you. And that’s enough fuel for you to move on.

Step Number 6: I created some affirmations to help restore my faith during challenging times.

Take what you want, leave what you don’t want, and create your own using this article: "My 20 Best Positive Affirmations for Women, Plus How to Create and Use Your Own"

  • I choose to believe that I am in alignment with only receiving positive outcomes.
  • I reject the worst possible outcomes that have caused me to worry and feel afraid.
  • I choose to believe that whatever needs to happen for me to achieve my goals absolutely will happen. 
  • I believe that Mother Goddess wants to give me all of the blessings I’ve asked for and I’m allowing myself to happily accept them.
  • I am totally accepted. I am totally loved. I am enough.

Step Number 7: Repeat all steps as needed.

You got this. I love you!





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